UNESCO Creative Cities Network

In 2004, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), which endorses cultural diversity, founded the Creative Cities Network to support partnerships and mutual exchange among the world’s “creative cities” aspiring to growth through the promotion of cultural industries.

The network is organized under the seven themes of
1) literature, 2) film, 3) music, 4) crafts and folk art, 5) design, 6) media arts, and 7) gastronomy.

Kobe City was appointed to the Creative Cities Network as a City of Design on October 16, 2008.
In the future it will be important for member cities to make the best use of this network, interact with one another, learn from the strengths of other cities, and attain mutual growth. Kobe City will work to promote its strengths to the world as “Kobe, UNESCO City of Design.”

As of Oct. 2016, We have 116 members in our Network!